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The school entered the "Wushulian 2023 Ranking" among the top 50 private universities in China
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On June 28, the authoritative Wu Shulian 2023 ranking was released, and our school ranked 49th in the country in the comprehensive strength ranking of private universities in China and 8th in private universities in Guangdong Province。This has been the university in China private university comprehensive strength ranking for three consecutive years, increased by a full 36 places compared with last year。

Since the completion of the transfer in 2021, the school has started a new journey of running a school with a new philosophy of running a school, and has achieved leapfrog improvement in just two years, stepping on the fast track of high-quality development。What is an accelerator??Where's the power source?

Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology Xinhu campusAwarded "Guangdong Green School"

Hard practice of internal skills to forge excellent strength To be the vanguard of private undergraduate colleges

The school is known as the pioneer of private higher education in Guangdong,Private higher education in the east and northwest of Guangdong leads the way,It is a member of the family of full-time general undergraduate colleges of the Ministry of Education,It was founded in 1999 by Guangdong Ocean University and Zhanjiang Cunjin Education Group,It was approved as an independent college by the Ministry of Education in 2006,In 2021, the Ministry of Education approved the establishment of an independent private ordinary undergraduate university。After more than 20 years of construction and development, our university has become a private undergraduate university with the largest scale, important regional influence and distinctive characteristics in western Guangdong。

The school adheres to the philosophy of establishing a school with quality, thriving the school with talents, strengthening the school with characteristics, honing the school with service and leading cultural schools, and adheres to the development strategy of innovating and developing "new engineering", actively developing "new liberal arts", focusing on the development of "new business" and jointly developing "new medical science"。

What makes this university one of the top 50 private higher education institutions in China?There are statistics to prove that the school has 8 subject categories,58 majors and directions,13 secondary teaching units,4 experimental training platforms,3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers,7 research and innovation platforms,201 specialized laboratories,4 industrial colleges,175 off-campus practice teaching bases,7 provincial college students social practice teaching bases。同时,The school has two provincial key training disciplines, accounting and English language and literature,English and accounting are two first-class undergraduate majors in Guangdong Province,Musicology, landscape architecture, International economy and trade are three specialties of Guangdong Province,Survey Practice of Characteristic Residential Buildings and Alternate Interpretation are two first-class undergraduate courses in Guangdong Province,Has 7 Guangdong Province "curriculum ideology and politics" model courses/classrooms,59 Ministry of Education industry-university cooperative education projects......In the past three years, it has been authorized more than 80 national patents, won 80 awards in Guangdong teaching competitions, and more than 20 national and provincial scientific research projects......

A strong teacher is a strong teacher。Our school vigorously implements the "talent strengthening strategy",We have successively launched the "Distinguished Professor Program", "Disciplinary Leader Training Program", "Outstanding Talent Support Program", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mentor Talent Pool Program" and "funding.,Faculty PhD Program "High-level Talent Introduction Program",Cultivate outstanding talents,It has formed a team of high level teachers with noble ethics, exquisite business, dedicated education and full of vitality。

There are nearly 1000 teachers in the school, who enjoy the special government allowance experts of The State Council, national outstanding teachers, provincial leading talents, Southern Guangdong excellent teachers, and excellent teachers of private education。Teachers teach and study each other,In the past three years, 271 national, provincial and municipal research projects have been approved.Published 1,292 academic papers,Among them, 146 were included by SCI, SSCI, EI, CSCD, CSSCI, etc.87 authorized patents (including Copyrights);He has published 45 monographs,Among them, the national top 100 book publishing units published 12 monographs;It has won 80 provincial teaching competition grade awards, 63 quality engineering (including education reform) projects in Guangdong Province, 7 provincial curriculum ideological and political demonstration projects, and has opened more than 70 fine courses。

The teaching team of "Marketing Planning" won the second prize of the New Liberal Arts Track of the Guangdong University Teachers' Teaching Innovation Competition

Thousand acres of ecological garden campus High level construction experiment platform

Strength is outstanding, Bing both soft and hard。The school has strong hardware strength, with two campuses in Mazhang and Xinhu, with 2000 mu of ecological gardens, and is rated as "Green School in Guangdong Province".。同时,Spend hundreds of millions of dollars,Create a "new engineering smart learning Workshop", "new Business practice teaching Matrix", "new liberal arts comprehensive Laboratory" and "Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinical Skills Experimental Teaching Center" with distinctive disciplinary characteristics.,Three provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers in Guangdong province have been established: "Economic Management Experimental Teaching Center", "Intelligent Financial Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center" and "Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center"。

It needs to be pointed out in particular,The school invested 40 million yuan to build a new engineering "smart learning workshop" has built more than 60 engineering laboratories, such as industrial robot virtual simulation innovation and development laboratories, industrial robot comprehensive laboratories, big data centers, data communication and network security training rooms, and engineering virtual simulation laboratories,To provide excellent experimental training places for students of 13 engineering majors;The "New Business" practical teaching matrix invested 30 million yuan has been built into the new media live broadcast lab of economic management, smart bank lab, securities investment simulation lab, insurance financial simulation lab, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive training room, and new business big Data lab,There are more than 40 professional laboratories, such as consumer behavior big data laboratory, financial sharing service laboratory and accounting comprehensive simulation laboratory,Meet the experimental teaching requirements of 14 majors in economic management。同样,The "new liberal arts" comprehensive experimental teaching platform invested 30 million yuan is closely related to the new needs of national soft power construction and cultural prosperity and development,It has built simultaneous interpretation laboratory, animation laboratory, basic design laboratory, model making laboratory, studio laboratory, clothing technology laboratory, IMac nonlinear editing laboratory, visual communication interactive media laboratory, piano room, music production recording studio, instrumental ensemble room, multi-functional concert hall, teacher education training center and so on。

Consumer Behavior Big Data Lab

We will develop innovative and entrepreneurial universities We will promote profound changes in the school-running paradigm

"Building an innovative and entrepreneurial university is a road of innovation, a road of exploration, and a road of 'entrepreneurship', which requires generations of Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology teachers and staff to continue to explore and work hard.。A year ago, the school carried out a two-day discussion, in which the principal Peng Shouqing proposed a new goal for the school reform。In the top-level design of building an innovative and entrepreneurial university,Our school put forward the main path of change - six major reshaping and reconstruction,It includes reshaping and rebuilding the organizational system of innovation and entrepreneurship education, reshaping and rebuilding the talent training system of innovation and entrepreneurship, reshaping and rebuilding the scientific research and social service system, reshaping and rebuilding the educational management system, reshaping and rebuilding the cultural system of innovative and entrepreneurial universities, and reshaping and rebuilding the operating mechanism of innovative and entrepreneurial universities。

The university has established a "four-in-one" whole-chain innovation and entrepreneurship leadership system with the school as the leading role, the secondary college as the main body, functional departments as the main work, and the College of double innovation and entrepreneurship as the main push, forming a work pattern of innovation and entrepreneurship work with people at every level and people in charge。

After more than a year of hard work in the whole school,Our school has shown a distinctive quality of innovation and entrepreneurship in personnel training, scientific research, social service, cultural inheritance and innovation,The achievements of mass entrepreneurship and innovation have been widely reported,The connotation construction has achieved obvious results: in the 2023 ranking of Private universities in Soft Science China,Our school's ranking has jumped significantly;The school invested a large amount of 3 billion yuan in the construction of the campus,The ecological garden-style campus was rated as "Guangdong Green School" by Guangdong Provincial Department of Education;Accounting, English language and literature two provincial key training disciplines passed acceptance;The Ministry of Education approved 23 projects of industry-university cooperative education;New engineering cost, music education, physical education 3 undergraduate majors,And medical laboratory technology 1 specialty;The team of teachers and students won 1 silver award and 2 bronze awards in the 8th "Internet +" College Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition;The school's innovation and entrepreneurship incubation base was awarded "Zhanjiang Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Base" and "Zhanjiang Level mass Innovation Space"...

It can be said with certainty that the construction of innovative and entrepreneurial universities is the fulcrum to leverage the high-quality development of schools。Based on the new starting point, the new school positioning and school goals are leading the school to constantly make new breakthroughs in seeking change and improvement。

Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology University Science Park was awarded "Zhanjiang Entrepreneurship Incubation Demonstration Base"

Create a "five creative integration" talent training model Focus on cultivating students' core qualities of innovation and entrepreneurship

Our school explores a new mode of running a school with a new strategy of running a school,With the courage of "dare to venture, dare to be the first",Innovation and entrepreneurship education will be organically integrated with professional education, discipline competition, scientific and technological innovation, ideological and political education, and labor education,Create a "five creative integration" talent training model,Focus on cultivating students' innovative thinking, core quality of innovation and entrepreneurship and key ability of innovation and entrepreneurship。

In terms of innovation and integration,The university regards the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship as an important goal for the training of talents in various specialties,Take "double creation education" as the main theme of education and teaching reform,We will further promote the seamless connection between "mass innovation education" and professional education,The "double innovation education" is integrated into the curriculum system, curriculum objectives and the whole process of education and teaching,Make "double innovation education" become the cultural gene of school talent training。In terms of Cytron fusion,The school takes "College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Project" and "College Student Science and Technology Innovation Cultivation Project" as "training camp".,"Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition, "Challenge Cup" College Student Entrepreneurship Competition and other innovation and entrepreneurship competitions as "training ground",Enable students to continuously improve innovation and entrepreneurship literacy in the practice of mass innovation and entrepreneurship。In terms of the integration of science and innovation, the university has established an open and sharing mechanism for scientific research platforms, giving full play to the role of scientific research platforms, arranging outstanding students to enter laboratories, teams, projects and research centers, encouraging teachers and students to create together, and stimulating the source of innovation and entrepreneurship。In terms of innovation and integration, the school will integrate socialist core values into the process of innovation and entrepreneurship education, guide students to establish a scientific view of career choice, employment and entrepreneurship, encourage students to understand the national conditions and people's conditions, experience training in innovation and entrepreneurship, increase their abilities, and cultivate family feelings。In the integration of Lautron,The school innovates the organizational form and teaching method of labor curriculum,Innovation and entrepreneurship education will be deeply integrated with labor education,Practice "My life is my management, my study is my master",Set up "Virtual Company" and "Studio",Create a walking labor classroom,Improve students' basic literacy in innovation and entrepreneurship。

The "Five creative integration" is the innovative exploration and practice of the innovation and entrepreneurship education model, which improves the students' innovation and entrepreneurship ability in an all-round and whole process, and cultivates the students' spirit quality of daring to fight and venture。

In recent years, the number of students taking the entrance examination for postgraduate and public education has increased year by year。Some of them have gone to Peking University and other well-known universities for postgraduate study, some are already studying for a doctor, some have founded a company during school, and some are already the backbone of the employer。No matter where they are, in what position, they always have the characteristics of daring to fight, innovation and entrepreneurship。

The school robot science and technology team is preparing for the robot competition

They are shining with the ability of innovation and entrepreneurship!The "Multi-functional intelligent rural logistics vehicle" developed by the school's teachers and students team applied for 17 patents with six key technologies,The research and development project won the silver award of Guangdong Province in the 8th "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition,And signed a purchase contract worth 9 million yuan with a Guangxi Automobile Technology Co., LTD.;The "Shandren" project created by Wen Fujun, Lai Qiuyun and other students has successfully won a number of awards in the "Internet +", "Qingchuang Cup", "Challenge Cup · Chuang Youth" and other competitions,We have established Shanyu Love Agricultural Development Co., LTD,Estimated annual net profit of millions of yuan;Graduate Liang Jiannan founded animation game Technology Co., Ltd. in his senior year,Moved into the university science park,And Tencent, Xishan House and other companies have deep cooperation,Now the company has nearly 100 employees。Today, in the university Science and Technology Park, "Dinghu water purifier", "Jing Vision Media", "Chen Xing Housekeeping" and other enterprises with an annual output value of more than one million yuan have successfully incubated...

They have the spirit of daring to fight and dare to rush in the heat!Li Haobin, an English major from the School of Foreign Languages, was successfully admitted to the postgraduate program of Peking University,From private schools to China's top universities;Zheng Leying, majoring in landscape architecture at the School of Architectural Engineering, has also received offers from three internationally renowned universities, including Loughborough University, York University and Nottingham University.The graduate Shao Jing studied for four years,Accumulated a wealth of professional knowledge,Successfully entered the global Big four accounting firms......

Today, the school has sent more than 70,000 graduates to the society, and only in 2022, the graduate employment major matching rate is as high as 77.08%, the employer's satisfaction rate of graduates 98.45%, the "hard power" of school graduates is widely recognized by society。

The wind is strong and sails, forging ahead at the right time!Based on a new starting point, the university will give play to the spirit of daring to venture and dare to be the first, with the construction of an innovative and entrepreneurial university as the goal, with the "five creative integration" as the starting point, and sing the strongest voice of the school's high-quality development。

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