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Comprehensive efforts, steady and long-term, with practical measures to build a solid foundation for high-quality development - the school held a cadre meeting to deploy the autumn semester of 2023 work
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In order to further unify the ideological understanding of leading cadres, gather the strong force of high-quality development of the school, and promote the whole school to form a striving trend of learning to catch up on the road of high-quality development, on September 3, the school held a autumn semester work deployment meeting in the lecture hall of Xinhu Campus。School leaders Peng Shouqing, Liang Zhaohui, Qi Jizhong, Li Jialong, Luo Ruxue, Tan Shuming attended the meeting。The leading cadres above the section level of the whole school attended the meeting。The meeting was chaired by Liang Zhaohui, secretary of the Party Committee of the university。

At the meeting, President Peng Shouqing took stock of the effectiveness of school infrastructure reconstruction and construction during the summer vacation and campus changes, and expressed sympathy and praise for the majority of staff who stuck to their posts during the holiday。Then, focusing on the gap between the goal requirements of high-quality development of the school and the actual work of the school, Principal Peng Shouqing deeply analyzed the current shortcomings from ten aspects, such as the core competitiveness of the school, disciplinary professional characteristics, talent team construction, teaching quality engineering, and scientific research output。He stresses,High-quality development is the inevitable trend of the development of China's higher education,Connotation construction is an inevitable requirement,The whole school should continue to firmly grasp the main tone of "high-quality development" proposed by the school at the beginning of the year,With the vision of development, dialectical thinking, crisis consciousness clearly see the challenges facing the school at this stage,Make every effort to "break the ice" the difficult points of school development,Create a new situation of high quality development of the school。To this end, he proposed the following ten main tasks for this semester:

First, continue to promote the "three-year action Plan for Teacher Construction";The second is the "Implementation Opinions" related to the construction of disciplines and specialties,Promote the construction of disciplines and specialties to a higher level;Third, focus on strengthening the foundation, improving quality and improving quality,There are landmark achievements in promoting the connotation construction of the school;Fourth, we will accelerate the development of universities for innovation and entrepreneurship,Promote the implementation of the "five creative integration" plan;Fifth, target the construction of Guangdong University Science Park,Promote the cultivation and output of innovation and entrepreneurship;Sixth, we will accelerate the improvement of year-end assessment methods,To carry out the year-end assessment work in a pragmatic spirit;Seventh, the implementation of the fundamental task of moral education as the center,Create a distinctive brand of league school work;Eighth, accelerate the implementation of the capital increase plan,Let the majority of faculty and staff become the sharing of the school's development achievements;Ninth, adhere to the "security Red line",Strive to build a harmonious, safe and stable campus environment;The tenth is to improve the running function of Xinhu campus,Promote the comprehensive strength of the school to a new level。

At the meeting, President Peng Shouqing also introduced the progress of the school's preparation for the undergraduate teaching qualification assessment of the Ministry of Education, made a preliminary mobilization of leading cadres, and asked for an all-round evaluation and construction work to lay the foundation for the high-quality development of the school。

Liang Zhaohui, secretary of the Party Committee of the school, made a concluding speech,Four points are put forward on the party building and ideological and political work in this semester: First, strengthen the theoretical armed,Persist in using the party's innovation theory to cast soul and educate people;,Create a new situation of school party building work;Third, we need to strengthen our sense of responsibility,Do a good job of campus security and stability;Fourth, thematic education is an opportunity,We will continue to comprehensively and strictly govern the Party。Secretary Leung Zhaohui requested,All units, departments, and Party organizations at all levels should earnestly learn to understand and timely convey the spirit of this meeting,团结带领全体教职员工以习近平新时代中国特色社会主义思想为指导,We will fully implement the guiding principles of the Party's 20th National Congress,Closely around the basic task of Lide tree people,To anchor the goals of school reform and development, do solid work and overcome difficulties,New achievements have been made in promoting the high quality development of the school with a new outlook and new approach。


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