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Condensing the heart and writing the power of education construction of colleges and universities - the school held a grand Teacher's Day commendation conference
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Cultivate the altar of dedication, strong country I brave to play。On September 11, our school held the 39th Teachers' Day commendation conference in the concert Hall of Xinhu Campus, grand commendation of advanced individuals who performed well in teaching, scientific research, management services and other work, and called on the faculty and staff of the whole school to bear in mind the entrust, bravely shoulder the mission, forge ahead, and contribute to the new journey of building a powerful education country。

The ceremony was held in a grand concert hall

Vice Chairman of Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology Li Qiao, school president Peng Shouqing, Party Secretary Liang Zhaohui and other leaders attended the commendation conference。Nearly 600 leading cadres at or above section level, award-winning faculty and staff, teachers' representatives, and student representatives attended the conference。The meeting was presided over by President Peng Shouqing。

Secretary Liang Zhaohui read out the commendation decision

At the meeting, Liang Zhaohui, secretary of the Party Committee, read out the Decision of the Committee of the Communist Party of China Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology on recognizing outstanding teachers, excellent educators, excellent counselors, and scientific research activists and the list of the school's "Outstanding Talent Support Plan"。All the leaders present in batches presented awards and MEDALS to all kinds of winning representatives, and sent warm applause and sincere congratulations。

Vice Chairman Li Qiao extended his heartfelt congratulations to the honored advanced individuals

"Warm congratulations to the 113 advanced individuals recognized!I hope you can feel the concern and encouragement from the group and the school,Cherish the honor and keep up the good work!"At the commendation conference,Vice Chairman Li Qiao represents the school board,I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations and best wishes to the honored advanced individuals and the staff who have long been rooted in the school and dedicated to the school。He hopes that the advanced individuals honored will set a good example for the faculty and staff;All the faculty and staff continue to polish the signboard of "Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology" with the spirit of hard work, pragmatic style and practical actions, so that the school has set up a benchmark in the ranks of private universities in China。

President Peng Shouqing encouraged all the staff to be the "human teacher" loved by the students

President Peng Shouqing encouraged all the staff in his speech,We should take the initiative in the educational reform in the new era,Consciously integrate personal struggle into the great cause of education and into the construction and development of the school,Comprehensively improve business capabilities,Be an educated "Confucian master",More to be loved by students "human teacher";To be the guide of students' character, the guide of learning knowledge, the guide of innovative thinking, and the guide of dedication to the motherland,Strive to have ideals and beliefs,Have moral sentiments,A good teacher with solid knowledge and a loving heart。

Award-winning teacher representative Mou Yangjing shared her teaching experience

"The most beautiful youth to stay in school, worth it!"Mou Yangjing from the School of Fine Arts and Design, as a representative of excellent teachers, shared her 15 years of teaching experience and experience in school, saying that as an "old teacher", she will work harder and continue to contribute to the education cause of the country and the school。


"Teachings are like spring breeze, and kindness is as deep as the sea!"。She said that she must live up to the high hopes of the school and the expectations of the teachers, and strive to grow into a good young person in the new era who has ideals, dares to bear, can bear hardships, and is willing to struggle, and writes the best answer sheet in return for the hard work of the teachers with practical actions。

All the leaders present in batches to all kinds of winners awarded MEDALS

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