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The School of Accounting successfully held the mobilization meeting of "Labor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Month"
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In order to guide students to establish a correct view of labor,Cultivate students' spirit of hard work and hard struggle,Develop good working habits,On the morning of October 9, the School of Accounting held a mobilization meeting for "Labor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Month" in the concert hall of the school,President Peng Shouqing, leaders of various departments and secondary colleges, some teachers and all students of accounting major (including ACCA) of Grade 2022 attended the event。The meeting was presided over by Feng Yu, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Accounting College。

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First of all, Dean Han Bing led the students to study from four aspects, and she advocated that the students should establish a correct concept of labor, respect labor, and cultivate a positive spirit of labor。The program was explained in detail from the aspects of theoretical arrangement, practical links, management of labor tools acquisition (borrowing) and customs clearance rewards, and vividly introduced to the students the personnel allocation and job responsibilities and requirements of the four positions in the labor class, so that the students had a clear understanding of each position。

Then, President Peng Shouqing made a speech, said that "labor and innovation integration" is an aspect of the "five innovation and integration", the school should gradually realize the "five innovation and integration", and implement the development strategy of building an innovative and entrepreneurial university into the whole process of talent training, education and teaching, and the whole field of school management。He hopes that the students can correctly understand the positioning and initial intention of the school to carry out labor innovation and entrepreneurship education month, abide by the learning discipline, seriously participate in the theoretical study of labor lessons, actively participate in practical exercise, and actively cultivate the spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship。

President Peng Shouqing delivered a speech

Finally, Secretary Feng Yu sent a message to the students to cooperate, sum up experience, be the vanguard of reform, jointly light the light of innovation and entrepreneurship, inherit the fire of labor education, and go to a new chapter of building an applied innovative and entrepreneurial university。

The successful holding of this mobilization meeting answered the students' confusion about the upcoming "Labor Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Month", enhanced the students' labor consciousness, established the most glorious idea of labor, and played a significant role in promoting students to develop a good quality of hard work and enhance their own responsibility。

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