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【正规买球app排行十佳平台】 The students of Intelligent Manufacturing College achieved great achievements in the Guangdong University Student Computer Design Competition
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Recently, the 2023 Guangdong University Student Computer Design Competition came to a successful end. A total of seven teams from the Intelligent Manufacturing School of our school won the third prize, involving five categories of information visualization design, Internet of Things application, digital media static design, digital media animation and short film and software application and development。

This competition fully demonstrated the solid professional foundation and the spirit of the students of the Intelligent Manufacturing School of our school, and also affirmed the quality of our school's talent training。In the future, the College of Intelligent Manufacturing will continue to take discipline competition as an important way to cultivate innovative talents, stimulate students' interest in learning and potential, focus on student development, and strive to build a training system for information innovative talents to further improve the quality of talent training。

Competition winners:

Category of works

Title of work



Award grade

Information visualization design

A national protected animal visualization platform based on knowledge map and AI recognition

She Jinji, Li Qijun, Matheson

Li Yuejun, Li Dan

The third prize

Internet of Things application

Wise e scholar

Yan Fuqiang, Huang Yuxin, Guo Jinlong

Yu Zhiming, Li Chun

The third prize

Static design of digital media

Make medicine with sincerity, pass on a thousand years of skill

Huang Yu 'er

Huang Yixuan

The third prize

Integration of knowledge and action

Zhang Xinyu, Liu Xinyi, Yang Qiyu

Yu Zhiming, Tan Hai

The third prize

Digital animation and short films

To distinguish medicine from the pot, to heal the people and help the world

Zhang Zhaojun, Huang Zijian, Liang Junming, Zheng Qingcheng, Su Chuanrui

The third prize

Software application and development

CoderInn - a technology stack sharing platform for programmers built on knowledge graph and AI assistant

She Jinji, Tan Guizhi, Liu Zongsong

Ding Bingbing, Liang Lisha

The third prize


Fang Kai Min, Qiu Zhigao, Xu Guanxian

Yu Zhiming and Meng Qian

The third prize

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【买球app排行十佳平台】    【买球app排行十佳平台】