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[Good news] Our students won the 2023 "Guangzhou International Textile City Cup" designated fabric group creative design competition
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Recently, the good news came that our students won the "Best Fabric Application Award" at the 2023 "Guangzhou International Textile City Cup" designated fabric Group Creative Design Competition.。

The competition is an important event in the opening ceremony of China (Guangdong) College Student Fashion Week. 16 colleges and universities are selected by designated fabric suppliers to form eight teams to compete for the awards of the group design competition, presenting high-quality fabrics and creative design。Since the competition was launched in May 2023, it has attracted the active participation of teachers and students from universities in Guangdong Province. Ms. Chen Huaxiao from the School of Fine Arts and Design of our school guided four students from the class of 2021 majoring in fashion design and engineering, Peng Shili, Luo Wanhua, Lin Chulin and Zhang Jiaqi。

The award-winning "Walking to Oxygen" series of works is inspired by people's pursuit of freedom, the release of vitality, more and more people pay attention to the contact between outdoors and nature, and sports health has become the focus of people。This design uses the language of clothing to interpret the charm of sports and fashion, so as to pursue the functionality of clothing in the design, and deconstruct the collision between design and silhouette, which is an exploration of the functional movement of clothing, giving clothing new vitality and vitality。


By participating in this fabric innovation design competition,Student market research on 2023-2024 trends,In the details of the clothing, the use of zippers, large lapels, detachable body, fabric splicing design,Give clothing a new language;Accessorize with large sleeves, exaggerated hats, scarves, and creative bags,Combine sports with leisure,Fashion sense and applicability;Fabric reconstruction and splicing are applied to the fabric,Innovation and design of down fabrics,Break the conventional down jacket design form;Color on the combination of popular trends,Mainly purple and white,Match with jujube red as a highlight and embellishment。

Design idea

Winning group photo

Under the guidance of teacher Chen Hua, students break through themselves in the process of learning from the idea of the plan to the production of the object, enhance the ability of teamwork, improve the comprehensive ability, and expand the creative thinking。

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