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The first "Headmaster Reception Day" was successfully held
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Listen to the voice of the students and solve the expectations of the students。On the evening of October 13th, our school held the first "Principal Reception Day" activity in the conference room 1501, Minxing Building, Xinhu Campus。School leaders, functional department heads, secondary college Party committee (General Party branch) secretary participated in the activity。The event was hosted by President Peng Shouqing。

"Headmaster Reception Day" activity site

When answering questions, the relevant departments go straight to the point, be concise and to the point, do not circumvent, do not go around in circles, do not explain, directly tell whether it can be solved, when to solve, how to solve!"At the beginning of the evening, President Peng Shouqing made a discussion request to the relevant departments and colleges。

In his speech, President Peng Shouqing asked relevant departments to answer questions and go straight to the point

"The school is planning with the network operator to optimize the network coverage of the whole school"

"The school will plan the construction of the second phase of the stadium and increase the indoor sports venue, please look forward to it.。”


The 89 freshmen suggestions were presented on the big screen one by one, which were widely collected from the new students by the school through various forms before the conference, and were the original opinions and suggestions of the new students, without any processing and sorting。According to the 89 opinions and suggestions mentioned by the students, the relevant departments and colleges of the school made on-site replies item by item。

The students spoke enthusiastically

Principal Peng Shouqing said that the school held the "Principal Reception Day" activity to listen to the opinions and suggestions of students and understand the difficulties and problems of students in their study and life彰显classmatesThe ownership position in the school。President Peng Shouqing spoke with emotion,Although the Headmaster's mailbox has already been opened,,But hold a "Principal's Reception day",Because face-to-face communication is more powerful, more warm, more efficient, and more heart-to-heart!On the communication with the new student representatives,President Peng Shouqing made three points in concluding his speech,The participants were deeply inspired and moved。First, all functional departments and secondary colleges attach great importance to the demands and suggestions of students and refrain from formalism。The best education is infection, the most convincing ability is implementation, and the most effective management is demonstration。The main person in charge of the functional departments and the secondary colleges should infect the students with close communication and exchange, convince the students with solid work implementation, and demonstrate the teachers and students with effective rectification, and can not make the "Principal reception Day" into a show。Second, I hope that students can think in their own shoes and fully develop the spirit of ownership。"Principal Reception Day" is not Doraemon's treasure chest, nor is it Aladdin's magic lamp。Many of the problems reflected by the students require the school to gather a lot of manpower, material resources, financial resources, and intelligence to solve, not overnight, I hope that the students can think in other places, understand the difficulties of the school, and please believe that the school has the determination and ability to deal with the problems of the students。Third, I hope that the majority of students actively offer suggestions and suggestions, with the mentality of "better for the school, better for themselves, better for tomorrow", and the school to jointly build a high-quality development of the community of destiny, strengthen rational, moderate, warm communication, to achieve a beautiful two-way!

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