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[Good news] Four projects of our school have been successfully approved as higher education research projects in the "14th Five-Year Plan" of Guangdong Higher Education Association
Author: Wei Xueting Source: College of Culture and Media, Propaganda Department         Distribute: WeiXueTing first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release time: the 2023-10-16 reading:

Recently, the Guangdong Higher Education Association announced the list of higher education research projects in 2023 in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and four projects of our school were approved, including 2 general topics and 2 youth topics。

According to the "Notice on the Application of Higher Education Research Projects in 2023 in the 14th Five-Year Plan of Guangdong Higher Education Association",It has been declared by individuals, recommended by units, qualified by the secretariat of the society, and reviewed by the expert group,Guangdong Higher Education Association "14th Five-Year Plan" for 2023 higher education research projects for 324 projects,There are 25 key topics,There are 185 general topics,114 youth projects。其中,Yang Xiaoyu's "Harmonious Coexistence of Human and Machine: An Interactive Discourse Analysis of Chinese Classroom from the Interdisciplinary Perspective" and Liang Yumei's "Research on Digital + Marketing Cross-border Talent Training Model and Influencing Factors in Local Universities from the Perspective of Collaborative Theory under the Background of Rural Revitalization" were approved as general projects.Li Weixia's "Research on Training Mode of Innovative and Entrepreneurial Talents for Finance and Accounting Majors under the OBE Concept" and Jin Minyan's "Research on the Development and Application of Innovative Practice of Digital Course Resources in Higher Education Finance" from the School of Accounting won the youth project approval。

The Guangdong Higher Education Association "14th Five-Year Plan" 2023 higher education research project successfully established,It is not only the affirmation of our school's long-term in-depth teaching reform and scientific research and innovation work,Our school will actively cooperate with the work of the association,Strictly comply with the requirements of project management,Do a good job in the management of the subject,Promote project leaders to complete research tasks on time,Promote the high quality development of school teaching with high quality scientific research。

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