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Professional tutors come to the battle, pointing to the maze on the way to research - teachers from all departments of the College of Culture and Media carry out guidance for 2020 students to take the postgraduate entrance examination
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In order to further mobilize the enthusiasm of students for postgraduate entrance examination, create a positive style of postgraduate entrance examination, and strive to make new breakthroughs in the postgraduate examination in 2023, teachers of various departments of the College of Culture and Media have recently carried out postgraduate entrance examination guidance for 2020 students and college students with the intention of postgraduate entrance examination。

In order to facilitate the college students to better consult and understand the relevant information of the postgraduate entrance examination, to solve the problems of students in the preparation for the postgraduate entrance examination。The school not only sets up postgraduate entrance examination consulting posts in the department office of Zhihong Building, opens the postgraduate entrance examination consulting room and implements the full-time teacher duty system to provide students with postgraduate entrance examination consulting, but also arranges after-school postgraduate entrance examination consulting time to facilitate face-to-face communication between students and professional teachers。

The amiable image of the teachers made the consultation atmosphere very relaxed, and helped the students to solve a lot of confusion and confusion, and the students were more confident in themselves and more clear about their own direction for postgraduate entrance examination。The campus can be seen everywhere is the tireless figure of students, late at night dormitory, under the lamp, shining is the persistent pursuit of students dream。

The College of Culture and media teachers of the postgraduate examination guidance,Not only to help students identify the direction of progress, planning for the future life,I have a clearer understanding of the entrance exam,At the same time, it also inspired the students' enthusiasm for postgraduate entrance examination,Set up the students' confidence in the entrance examination,To treat the future postgraduate examination with more clear goals and directions。

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