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Our school carries out anti-drug publicity and popular science lectures
Author: Zhang Xin Source: Student Affairs Office         Distribute: XSC first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release time: the 2023-10-18 reading:

To vigorously carry out anti-drug publicity,We will do a solid job in drug prevention education,Further enhance the ability of our college students to identify and resist drugs,Effectively improve the awareness of self-prevention away from drugs,Create a strong atmosphere of "drug control according to law, building harmony" on campus,On October 17, Zeng Jieyuan, head of the Education Section of Zhanjiang First Compulsory Isolation Drug Rehabilitation Institute, a unit directly under the Zhanjiang Municipal Bureau of Justice, and other police officers came to our school to carry out anti-drug publicity and popular science lectures on the theme of "Cherish life and stay away from drugs" for students,More than 200 teachers and students from all colleges attended the seminar。

In the lecture, Section chief Zeng Jieyuan mainly took the form of graphic combination around the basic knowledge of drugs, China's anti-drug laws and regulations, the harm of drugs, how to prevent drugs, the current drug situation and other five aspects of the content of the lecture。In order to enable students to have a clearer, deeper and more comprehensive understanding of drugs,Understand the harm of drugs to human body and family,Zeng Jieyuan, the section chief, shared the judicial practice personally experienced in the work and the shocking real cases,And enlightening questions on-site teachers and students,Guide teachers and students to build a strong anti-drug ideological defense line,Lively atmosphere,Frequent interaction。

Through this lecture, the students of our school have a further understanding of the harm of drugs, know how to cherish life, stay away from drugs, develop a healthy and positive life interest, consciously maintain the pure land of the school, and build a safe, harmonious, healthy and beautiful campus。


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