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Walk into the traditional village, feel the charm of ancient charm -- urban planning students carry out the investigation practice of characteristic folk houses
Author: Liao Tianshun Source: School of Civil Engineering         Modestly: construction engineering college first trial: WeiXueTing review: still young final liang: wen-ling Yang release date: 2023-10-19 reading:

From October 9 to 12, all the students of Grade 2021 urban and rural Planning major of the School of Civil Engineering, under the leadership of Zhang Yan and Chen Yao, went to the traditional villages of Bangtang Village, Donglin Village, Changzhuyuan Village and Qingtong Village in Leizhou City to carry out the course "Investigation and Practice of Characteristic Houses"。

This internship takes the national "traditional village field investigation" project as the core training content,The students went into the traditional villages of the peninsula to investigate the village history and culture, folk customs, village forms, historical buildings, and collect data such as images and texts,At the same time, experience the profound history and culture of traditional villages, learn and understand their unique village planning and architectural construction technology。

In the early stage of field investigation, in order to better understand the history and culture of Leizhou, in addition to carrying out field investigation of traditional villages, the teachers also led the students to Leizhou Museum, Maodong Grand View Garden, Leizhou Ancestral Hall, Three Yuan Pagoda and other important cultural gathering points in Leizhou to explore the development of Leizhou history。Through visiting and learning, I learned about the historical and cultural heritage of Leizhou Peninsula, explored the historical development, characteristic culture, folk culture and traditional handicraft art of Leizhou from ancient times to the present, and thought about the development and model of the handicraft industry of ancient villages, laying a foundation for the field investigation into traditional ancient villages later。

开展传统村落田野调查之前,指导老师制定了详细的实习指导书、包含田野调查手册与各类调查表格,并集中开展了技术培训。After the students came to the traditional village with full confidence, they found that the real investigation was much harder than the theoretical prediction。The continuous rainy weather, the language barrier in the investigation process, the deviation in the investigation and understanding of various architectural forms, functions and cultures, and the risk of collapse of ancient buildings that are overgrown and cannot be effectively repaired all the time make students feel the pressure。The encouragement and inspiration of the teachers, the cooperation between the teammates, the enthusiastic introduction and guidance of the village party committee cadres, and the "village classroom" have all played an important role in the smooth development of the internship。Students in the difficult situation, try to find a solution to the problem, and finally solve the problem。

The students carried out field investigations in Qingtongyang Village, Changzhuyuan Village, Bangtang Village and Donglin Village,Complete the field investigation filing form and record form at the same time,Villages and buildings are analyzed by means of drones, satellite imagery and field visits,The characteristics and cultural attributes of key elements such as village lane, ancestral hall, diaolou, important residential buildings and landscape space of the two villages are analyzed.At the same time, detailed image collection and analysis are carried out on the components and architectural decoration of ancient buildings,Finally realize the morphological characteristics of traditional ancient villages,Analysis and research on the characteristics of characteristic residential buildings in structure, spatial layout, building materials, cultural decoration details and so on。

The students went into the village, knew and understood the village, learned the relationship between cultural context, water vein and land vein in ancient ways, and the national wisdom of harmonious coexistence with nature. In practice, they combined classroom theoretical knowledge with field research and other practical content, and felt, recognized and thought about the people, things and things in the traditional village。Through the appearance to see the essence, through the law of problem thinking, through the law to seek solutions to problems, from various aspects to enhance the students' professional knowledge and practical ability。

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