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The School of Intelligent Manufacturing, formerly the Department of Information Technology established in 2003, was divided into the Department of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering and the Department of Computer Engineering in July 2015, and the civil engineering major was adjusted to the Department of Civil Engineering。In July 2019, when the school adjusted the setting of secondary colleges and optimized the layout of disciplines, the School of Intelligent Manufacturing was established。The school currently has Computer Science and Technology (opened in 2006), Internet of Things Engineering (opened in 2018), Information Management and information systems (opened in 2007), digital media technology (opened in 2011), Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation (opened in 2012), Electrical engineering and automation (opened in 2008), electronic information Engineering (2...… 【正规买球app排行十佳平台】

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Address: No. 2 Xuezhi Road, Mazhang District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province (524094) (0759) 3871329 (School Office)