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The College of Culture and Media is a secondary college established according to the school's idea of actively developing "new liberal arts"。The college adheres to the principle of "educating people by virtue.,Cultural person,Coexistence of all living things,Harmony without diversity "school philosophy,To meet the needs of the Belt and Road Initiative and the Greater Bay Area,Actively build two undergraduate majors, Chinese international education and Chinese Language and literature,Let the students seek the subtle in the broad,Seek innovation in integration,Cultivate students to be innovative and entrepreneurial talents with excellent humanistic quality, solid professional knowledge and excellent core skills。The college has a department of Chinese Language International Education, a department of Chinese Language and Literature, and a writing teaching and research section。There are 43 faculty members, full-time in...… 【正规买球app排行十佳平台】

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Dean Tian Tuan appearance My dream has you -- Yu Jing, Dean of the College of Culture and Media

Address: No. 2 Xuezhi Road, Mazhang District, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province (524094) (0759) 3263779 (School Office)