School profile

School profile

Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology坐落在中国大陆最南端的美丽港城湛江市,是一所全日制普通本科院校。Founded in 1999 by Guangdong Ocean University and Zhanjiang Cunjin Education Group, the university was approved by the Ministry of Education as an independent college in 2006, and was transferred to an independent private undergraduate university in 2021。

After more than 20 years of construction and development, the university has become the largest private undergraduate university in western Guangdong, with important regional influence and distinctive characteristics, and has won the "Guangdong Private Education Outstanding Contribution Award" and "Chinese Culture Inheritance Base"."Guangdong Green Campus""Zhanjiang City garden unit" and other honorary titles。

❑ Ideas and objectives of running a school

Zhanjiang University of Science and Technology has stood at a new starting point, the school is in the implementation of the new concept of high-quality development, into a new stage of connotational development, the formation of a new pattern of high-level development of the historical new position。

New ideas for running schools in the new era:The school has established the idea of "quality school, talent flourishing school, characteristic strong school, service honor school, cultural famous school";Adhere to the basic strategy of "according to the needs of the place, build according to the place, use for the place, prosper because of the place, be trusted by the place, and follow the trend";Further strengthen the central position of personnel training, the leading position of professional construction, the guarantee position of teaching conditions, the key position of teachers, the core position of party building work, and the basic position of governing the school according to regulations,Do a good job in the basic construction of teaching,We will actively yet prudently promote teaching reform,Strictly standardize teaching management,Gather strength to improve the quality of personnel training。

New strategies for school development in the New era:According to the needs of regional economic and social development, and according to the new school-running functions endowed by the new school name, the university has determined the development strategy of innovating and developing "new engineering", actively developing "new liberal arts", focusing on the development of "new business" and jointly developing "new medical science"。New elements of "science and technology" are added through the addition of medical disciplines, new majors of "Big Data Management and application" are established, new technologies of digital economy are empowered for "new business", and traditional old majors are transformed through interdisciplinary integration, reflecting the new requirements of contemporary science and technology development。

The new goal of school development in the new eraIn the "14th Five-Year Plan" period through the connotation of development, characteristic development, to accelerate development,The school's economics, finance, business administration, management and other "new business" professional groups have obvious advantages,Mechanical, computer, civil engineering and other "new engineering" professional groups are developing strongly,Majors such as language and art have their own characteristics,Chinese medicine specialty has a certain foundation;A new career development pattern has been preliminarily established, in which the development strategy of the university is synchronized with the development of regional economic and social undertakings, the discipline structure of the university is compatible with the leading industry of regional economy, the scientific and technological innovation of the university is connected with the technical needs of regional economic development, and the talent training objectives of the university are matched with the vocational ability requirements of professionals needed by the region。The university should be built into an application-oriented innovative and entrepreneurial university with certain influence among domestic private colleges and universities, an important position in Guangdong, and a benchmark demonstration role in the east and northwest of Guangdong。

The new orientation of school development in the new era:According to the law of construction and development of undergraduate colleges and universities, on the basis of in-depth research on the development plan of regional economic and social undertakings, the university has formed a new development orientation from five dimensions: school-running objectives, service orientation, school-running types, disciplines and specialties, and talent training objectives。

School goal positioning:To build an application-oriented innovative and entrepreneurial university with distinctive features of engineering, economics and management disciplines。

Service orientation:Based in the west of Guangdong, rooted in Guangdong, actively integrate into the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area and the Beibu Gulf city cluster, take the initiative to connect with Hainan Free Trade Port, and serve the country's "Belt and Road" construction。

School type positioning:To cultivate application-oriented undergraduate talents as the core and main body, to create conditions to carry out professional degree postgraduate education;We will actively expand international education and appropriately develop continuing education。

Discipline orientation:It is a multi-subject undergraduate college with engineering, economics and management as the main body, literature and art as the two wings, and education and medicine as important supplements。

Talent training target positioning:Cultivate high-quality applied talents with good professional quality and innovative spirit, generous basic knowledge and good professional knowledge, high foreign language level and information technology application ability, and strong core quality and key ability of innovation and entrepreneurship。

❑ Organization Settings

The university consists of 15 secondary colleges,14 party and government management institutions and mass organizations;It has 4 industry colleges - "Huawei Information and Network Technology Industry College", "Intelligent Finance Industry College", "Intelligent Urban and Rural Construction Industry College" and "Binhai Smart Tourism Industry College".,7 research and innovation platforms - "Beibu Gulf Development Research Center", "Pig Industry Research Institute", "Beibu Gulf Plant Ecology and Landscape Research Center", "West Guangdong Digital Intelligence Accounting Development Research Center", "Economic Belt Research Institute along the South China Sea", "Media Convergence Research Institute", "Binhai Digital Cultural Tourism Research Center",3 provincial experimental teaching demonstration centers - "Economic Management Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center", "Intelligent Finance Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center", "Intelligent Manufacturing Technology experimental Teaching Demonstration Center"。

❑ Educational conditions

The university has a modern university campus, the existing Mazhang, Xinhu two campuses, the campus covers an area of more than 1980 mu, the building area of nearly 700,000 square meters。Xinhu Campus will be included in the key construction projects of Guangdong Province in 2020,In accordance with the "modern, intelligent, academy" construction goals,Ingenuity to create a combination of Chinese and Western, lake beauty of the majestic university,The idea of Chinese traditional academy runs through,The central axis of the campus is the ridge,With Wenli Lake as its wing,The view extends from the central axis to the beautiful lake,Campus layout is like a "roc spreading its wings",Expressed the Zhanjiang Institute of Science and Technology to take off,Realize the vision of leapfrog development。The architecture of the Mazhang campus is dominated by a bright orange color,Symbolizes the youth and vitality of young college students,The simple clock tower reminds students to cherish time,Don't waste your time,The functional division of campus buildings is reasonable,Unique architectural style,Profound meaning of architecture,The buildings in the complex are scattered,Highlight the strong cultural atmosphere of the campus and profound school-running heritage。

The school library consists of two buildings, Ma Zhang and Xinhu Campus, with a building area of 2.With 10,000 square meters of beautiful environment, complete functions and rich resources, the library can provide teachers and students with the integration of collection, borrowing and reading and cross-campus "one card pass" borrowing mode. It is an ideal holy place for teachers and students to devote themselves to knowledge and explore the truth。The library has rich collection resources, complete kinds, reasonable structure and clear hierarchy, and the existing collection of paper books 207.750,000 copies, e-books 111.220,000 copies (species);The school has long subscribed to more than 700 kinds of paper newspapers in Chinese and foreign languages,China National Knowledge Network (CNKI) academic journal library and other 15 databases;He has nearly 4 million electronic doctoral and master's theses,There are 13,057 electronic journals,It has formed a document resources guarantee system with three distinct levels, including both paper resources and electronic resources, complementary text resources and multimedia resources, and sharing resources and documents with national libraries,It can provide a full range of literature resources and information services for students' learning and teachers' scientific research。

The university has promoted the construction of "new engineering", "new business" and "new liberal arts" laboratories at a high level, and built 178 laboratories on campus with a total construction area of more than 2.20,000 square meters;There are 182 off-campus practice teaching bases。Among them, the economic management experimental teaching demonstration center, intelligent financial experimental teaching demonstration center, intelligent manufacturing technology experimental teaching demonstration center is the provincial experimental teaching demonstration center, financial sharing service laboratory, simultaneous interpretation laboratory, consumer behavior big data laboratory, microscale training room and other laboratory construction level is advanced。

❑ Teaching staff

The school attaches great importance to the construction of teaching staff,Vigorously implement the strategy of "talent strengthening school",Successively launched the "Distinguished Professor Program", "Disciplinary Leader Training Program", "Outstanding Talent Support Program", "Innovation and Entrepreneurship Mentor Talent Pool Program", "Doctoral Degree Program Funded Faculty and Staff" and "High-level Talent Introduction Program".,Cultivate outstanding talents,It has formed a team of high-level teachers with "noble ethics, exquisite business, dedicated education and full of vitality"。

The university has nearly 1,000 teachers, including nearly 250 with senior titles and nearly 200 with doctoral and master's degrees。The majority of teachers are rooted in the apricot circle, rigorous study, teaching and research achievements。In recent years, it has won 17 national and provincial scientific research projects, 59 industry-university cooperative education projects of the Ministry of Education, 70 provincial teaching competition grade awards, 35 provincial quality engineering projects (including teaching reform projects), and opened more than 50 high-quality video open courses and high-quality resource sharing courses。

❑ Talent training

The school recruits students from 9 provinces (municipalities and districts) in China, and has nearly 24,000 full-time students。More than 70,000 graduates with both virtue and ability have left the school and are deeply engaged in various industries of economic and social development in Zhanjiang and inside and outside the province, and are widely recognized by all sectors of society。Students participate in various competitions at all levels,In 2022, the discipline competition won 20 national awards and 249 provincial awards,Show a solid professional theoretical foundation, excellent practical ability and broad professional vision,Graduates with its "practical work style, solid theoretical foundation, practical ability real" brand image has won wide recognition and high praise from all walks of life。

❑ Disciplines and Specialties

The school focuses on engineering, economics and management,Literature and art are two wings,Education, medicine as an important supplement,It offers 48 undergraduate majors and 7 junior majors,It involves 8 disciplines of economics, literature, engineering, teaching, management, art, agriculture and medicine,At present, accounting and English Language and literature are two key disciplines in universities of Guangdong Province,There are two provincial first-class majors, accounting and English,There are three provincial specialties: Musicology, landscape architecture and international economy and trade。

❑ Scientific research

Last three years,The university has won 271 provincial and municipal scientific research projects;Published 1,292 academic papers,A total of 147 papers were included in SCI, SSCI, EI, CSCD, CSSCI (including extended edition), CSCD(including extended edition), EI conference and Chinese core journals.87 authorized patents (including Copyrights);He has published 45 monographs,Among them, the national top 100 book publishing units have published 12 monographs。

❑ Foreign exchanges and cooperation

As a young and dynamic independent private undergraduate university, the university keeps up with the new situation of the internationalization of higher education, develops steadily, develops pragmatically and gradually in the international market, and is committed to building the international education brand of the university。In the school's full-time teaching team, there are active foreign teachers from Canada, Japan, Europe and other countries。The school has signed joint training agreements with educational institutions and universities in more than 30 countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand, Japan, South Korea and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and has carried out more than 30 international exchange and cooperation projects such as bachelor's degree, exchange student, short-term research and paid internship。In recent years, nearly 900 teachers and students have been sent abroad for exchange and study, which has sent a group of elite talents with international vision to the society, and attracted foreign students to our school for long-term and short-term exchange and study。

(Updated in May 2023)